#18 The Strokes – Heart In A Cage

El segundo single del First Impressions of Earth, y uno más que se añade a la lista de clásicos de los Strokes. Un poco más fuerte que las canciónes de los Strokes, es la representación perfecta de como es el First Impressions. Largos solos de guitarra, letras (un poco) más coherentes, y una voz mas clara de Julian. Además, esta acompañada por un gran video. Nunca fallan.

The StrokesHeart In A Cage

Well I don’t feel better
When I’m fucking around
And I don’t write better
When I’m stuck in the ground
So don’t teach me a lesson
Cause I’ve already learned
Yeah the sun will be shining
And my children will burn

Oh the heart beats in its cage

I don’t want what you want
I don’t feel what you feel
See I’m stuck in a city
But I belong in a field

Yeah we got left, left, left, left, left, left, left,
Now it’s three in the morning and
You’re eating alone

Oh the heart beats in its cage

All our friends they’re laughing at us
All of those you loved, you mistrust
Help me, I’m just not quite myself
Look around there’s no one else left
I went to the concert and I fought through the crowd
Guess I got too excited when I thought you were around

Oh, he gets left, left, left, left, left, left, left

I’m sorry you were thinking I would steal your fire
Oh the heart beats in its cage
Yes the heart beats in its cage

And the heart beats in its cage.

#19 Guillemots – Trains To Brazil

El segundo single de Guillemtos que fue elegible para las charts británicas, y sin duda la mejor canción de su disco (opinión personal claro). La mayoría debe saber (aunque no se si se acuerden) de los atentados terroristas en Londres en el verano del 2005, cuando explotaron bombas en autobuses y unas estaciones del metro. Días después, en busca de personas responsables, la policía londinense disparó mas de siete veces en la cabeza contra un ciudadano brasileño asustado por ver a tantos policías acercarsele. Después se dieron cuenta que era inocente y no tenía nada que ver con los atentados. Esta canción esta inspirada en ese incidente.

Guillemots – Trains To Brazil

You’re feelin old

Its 1 o clock on a friday morning
I’m trying to keep my back from the wall
The prophets and their bombs have had another success
And i’m wondering why we bother at all

And i think of you on cold winter mornings
Darling they remind me of when we were at school
Nothing really mattered when you called out my name
In fact, nothing really mattered at all

And i think about how long it will take them to blow us away
But i won’t get me down, I’m just thankful to be facing the day

Cos days don’t get you far when you’re gone

It’s five o clock on a Friday morning
one hundred telephones shake and ring
And one of them is from someone who knew you

And i still think of you on cold winter mornings
Darling they’ll still remind me of when we were at school
When they could never have persuaded me that lives like yours
were the hands of these eronious fools

And to those of you who moan your lives through one day to the next
Well let them take you next
Cos you live and be thankful you’re here

See it could be you tomorrow next year