Los monos articos… ¿se desintegran?

Nahhh, no es cierto.. Sólo que así empiezan. Alex Turner, vocalista del grupo, grabará un disco con Miles Kane, integrante de The Rascals. Si recuerdan, este tipito era el guitarrista de The Little Flames (quienes ya fueron, osea ya se desintegraron) pero en algún momento fueron teloneros de los AM. También Kane contribuyó en el último disco FWN e incluso se ha presentado con ellos para tocar “505” en un par de fechas del tour. En este proyecto, que todavía no tiene nombre, también participará James Ford como baterista y productor, quién también ha trabajado con AM en otras ocasiones y también con los Klaxons.

El disco será grabado durante su próxima visita a Francia a mediados de agosto. Planean tardarse dos semanas grabando lo principal y acabarlo despuesito para que esté listo en octubre, cuando también saldrá el EP de los Rascals.

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Reseña del Concierto de Travis

A petición de todos (hahaha de Dadis) aquí posteo mi reseña sobre el concierto de Travis. Advierto dos cosas: una está en inglés, no por payasada sino porque les quería hacer un favor a los que postean en el message board de travisonline (donde originalmente la posteé) y que se quejan de que los mexicanos sólo escriben en español y los demás no se enteran. Y dos: soy mega ultra fan de Travis desde hace uhmm 7 años? Si, y eso se nota en algunas partes de la reseña por lo que no es nada parcial.

Ahí va:

Right, this is a long one.. but I just HAVE to do it muahahaha

So my throat sores, I’ve got some bruises (in my knees, my arm, my back and on the right side of my belly). I can’t feel my legs and my botty hurts (hahahaha!) because to save my place inside the venue I had to sit in a tiny space on this platform for almost 2 hours before the gig started.. it was soooo uncomfortable. And as I stood in the queue for several hours and the sun was like hell, my face and my arms are sunburned haha.

Anyways, all this was worth, the gig was absolutely amazing. I know this is the way everyone feels after a Travis gig, we always think it is the best gig ever.. so YES, for me it was the best gig ever (it can only be compared to the gig in Glasgow that I attended to in 2005 but still they are soooo different from each other). Well, the thing is that only Travis could surpass Travis, right? In 2004 we had a blast with the longest Travis gig ever, an astonishing show. So what could we expect this time? Something just as good as the last time or better. And the guys really made an effort to beat their own record and to make of that night an unforgettable one. They should feel proud because it was a magnificent night.
So I went with my brother to queue by midday. I wanted to get there earlier but I just couldn’t wake up. There were already like 120 people (I believe the first guy in the queue got there at 7 am) and we were doing the line in the parking lot of the venue. Until 5 pm they let us get to the entrance of the venue and until 6:30 doors were open. When I got in, I ran and ran (despite the security guys) to get to the front line. And so I did, I was on the left side. Still two more hours to wait. At 8:30 pm Jumbo step on stage, I’m not a huge fan of them but I think they were ok. They played nice/known songs and only 1 from their new album. I believe they played for 40 minutes or so…

At 9:30, lights off and “Gonna Fly Now” (Rocky theme) started… Everyone was expecting to see them on stage but hey! some of us knew they were coming from the crowd. It took them like forever!!! Like Fran, I thought they wouldn’t make it.

So here are the highlights (sooo many) along with the set list (31 songs) tóooooomenla chiquititos!

  • Selfish Jean. When it finished I was already with no voice at all… lol I was screaming so loud.
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Writing To Reach You
  • Love Will Come Through
  • Big Chair
  • As You Are. Fran wasn’t making any chat until this point (he only had said HOLA once), I guess he believes we don’t understand English. I was just telling this to the girl next to me when Fran started telling us “This song was written in Glasgow.. you know? Because we are from Glasgow”. Like if we didn’t know! Lol and then Dougie pointed at a Scottish flag in the crowd. It was the flag of the girl who was next to me in the queue earlier, she had told me she had made the flag all by herself hehehe.
  • My Eyes
  • Pipe Dreams. I can’t believe they played this one, it’s one of my favs from TIB.
  • U16 Girls
  • Beautiful Occupation
  • Quicksand (my god!)
  • Side. This last one was amazing, people went crazy.. it was just great.
  • Re-Offender
  • The Line Is Fine. Fran asked us if we liked the Good Feeling album and explained us that this song was written just after WTRY but even though they are so different. So he presented it as the twin of WTRY hahaha
  • I Love You Anyways
  • Driftwood
  • Good Feeling (piano solo by Klaus! Klaus! Klaus! “I’ve got a KLAUS Feeling” hahahaha priceless!)
  • Closer (I particularly don’t like this one but it absolutely rock last night hehe)
  • Sing
  • Battleships
  • All I Want To Do Is Rock (Andy on the crowd, two Mexican flags on stage one on Andy’s side another by Doug’s).
  • Turn. Everyone was jumping, sweating, singing along like there was no tomorrow! I’m sooo glad that the camera guy who was filming people from the crowd wasn’t on my side. People would have got scared if they had seen me on the two big screens, seriously!


  • Happy. Dougie came back with one of the Mexican flags on his back hanging from his neck. Fran asked us if we were happy? So we were. Can’t remember if it was then when we Fran started the “Oeh Oeh Oeh Oeh” and everyone was like yay..
  • Baby One More Time. Fran asked to Doug.. “So we’ve been left alone, what should we do then? The only thing we can do” and the songs started. By the end of the song, one of them made a mistake lol I can’t tell if it was Fran or Doug but it was funny.
  • Slideshow. I think it was here when Fran said “I think you just don’t realize how amazing you are. You think we are playing for you, but actually you are playing for us. We should pay to see you”.
  • Blue Flashing Light (at this point I was over excited… wow!)
  • 20. Fran asked to turn lights on and all by himself did an amazing performance.
  • Flowers In The Window (like they’ve been playing it during the tour, an acoustic with the 5 of them in the middle of the stage, Doug and Andy playing Fran’s guitar while he claps hehehe).
  • Humpy Dumpty Love Song. Music stopped for like 5 second just after “Down to Mexico…” hahaha and the shouts of people!
  • Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Fran asked everyone (even the sound and security guys) to jump hahaha of course they didn’t but the rest of people did it! Yay
  • Back In Black. Amazing the high tones Fran can reach in this song.

At some point of the last part of the gig, Dougie fell down hahha it was soooo funny! he was rolling over the floor and he was laughing so loud and when Fran saw him he couldn’t help laughing and forgot the lyrics of the song. Lol

The gig finished at midnight. 2 hours and a half of total happiness 🙂 Each time a song ended, I thought things could not get better but they did. I really wished it could last forever! Every song they played was beyond my expectations! If something missed was Coming Around, but hey! 31 songs! My voice still hasn’t fully recovered from it 😉 They apologized for taking so long to come back and promised to come back not in 3 years, but next year.. hell yeah!

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