#96 Kings of Leon – Supersoaker

“My motivation has gone too soon”

Lentamente, parece que la brillante estrella de los Kings of Leon se apaga. O más bien, regresa a niveles normales, después de estos últimos años de locura. Mechanical Bull no parece haber tenido el éxito que los discos anteriores. Y raro, porque creo que es mejor disco que los anteriores. Supersoaker es un buen ejemplo de ello.

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Kings of Leon – Supersoaker

My motivation has gone too soon
Good vibrations all over you
Act like you mean it, you mean it
You’ve got a story you never tell
Down in the delta I’m ringing bells
I’ve never seen it, seen it
Back of my mind I’m on my way
I see through smiles on every face
I don’t believe it, believe it
Cause I’m a supersoaker red, white,
And blew em all away
With the kisses unclean
as the words that you sayI don’t mind sentimental girls at times
Mister walk away, walk awayThe flags are flying across the plains
I’ve got a secret picking at my brain
I wanna see you, see you
The exit sign is on my face
Don’t know my home, I don’t know my place
I just wanna be there, be there

I don’t mind sentimental girls at times
I just lay it on the line, on the line

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