#21 The Strypes – What A Shame

«They won’t ever let you be»

Tercera y última aparición en nuestra lista del cuarteto menor de edad de Cavan, Irlanda. What A Shame ha sido hasta ahora su canción más conocida y con la que han logrado impresionar más gente, y de que aquí al futuro tienen todo para llegar lejos. Excepto, claro, que alguno quiera terminar la preparatoria, o estudiar una carrera.

Síguelo: The Strypes

La lista completa hasta ahora: Top Singles 2013

The Strypes – What A Shame

They dug the shade of his bop, they liked the way that he spoke
They flew him out of the sticks and put him up in the smoke
They gave him chocolate and cheese they told him he was the next
Young stun to some young life straight from the chestThe way he spat at the mike his lyrics couldn’t be fresher
They say he’d be a superstar if he could handle the pressure
After they put it to paper, they took him to tea
And told him just a couple changes that they wanted to see

Oh what a shame, but it’s easy can’t you see
Oh what a shame that they won’t ever let you be

They said his hair would be better if he coloured it black
And that he wouldn’t sound as harsh if he could tone it all back
They dressed him up in a craze to make him look pretty
They said the kids would dig if he looked like he came from the city

They listened back to his cuts, his music was tight
But if he changed a couple lyrics in the chorus it might sound
Fresher than ever, a radio hit
And all the ladies would sing it when they get into the pit

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