#78 Public Access T.V. – Monaco

“I know it’s you”

Por muchos meses, Monaco fue lo único que sabíamos de la existencia de Public Access T.V. No sabíamos cuantos eran, de donde habían salido ni que pensaban. Solo que eran de Nueva York y que su primera canción había sido esta pequeña maravilla. Ah, y que no les gustaba dar muchas entrevistas.  Pero todo cambio unos meses después.

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Public Access T.V. – Monaco

When I called her on the telephone
I said she had to grow older

She’s got to move out of the father’s home
Stop letting others mold her
Then she looked at me and said, “I know it’s true”

So I took her down to Monaco
Where I learned that she has got to go
Maybe sail her to Bermuda
I guess I never really knew ya
Oh, oh

I want a girl that wants to oh
She’s got that morning after glow

When I heard she was around
That’s when I came a little closer
For it was there and then I found
She could not take it any slower
Then she looked at me and said, “I know it’s you”

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