#70 DMA’S – Your Low

“What I need, I don’t know”

Si no nos lo dicen, no lo creemos. DMA’S parecen una banda atrapada en 1996, y que se podría afirmar sin dudar que salieron de Manchester o algún barrio del norte de Londres. Pero no, la banda tiene poco de haberse formado y en realidad son de Sydney, Australia.  El britpop pegó con todo en Oceanía, solo que nos dimos cuenta dos décadas después.

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DMA’S – Your Low

She’s got diamonds caught up her sleeve
That makes a trail just when she leaves
But her diamonds turn to dust
She’s chasing them in the wind

And the lines that carve up her face
From the charms that I’ve tried to take
But it’s not worth my time
Can you send it in a letter
Send it in a letter my love

What I need, I don’t know
I’m a million miles from your low
But it’s alright cause when you’re blind
You never gonna see them again

I’ve got diamonds caught up my sleeve
That makes a trail just when I leave
But my diamonds turn to dust
I’m chasing them in the wind

There’s a stranger lying in my bed
Drowned in roses now she’s dead
But I’m waiting through the cold
But your mind’s on fire
Mind’s on fire my love

Yeah, you know we won’t care
You know we don’t care
You know we don’t care

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