#35 The Bohicas – Where You At

«I really need you nearer»

Nos acercamos lento pero seguro a la parte más alta de la lista, y algunos grupos empiezan a aparecer por segunda o tercera ocasión, como The Bohicas, que hacen su tercera y última aparición de la lista con Where You At, extraída de su disco debut, The Making Of, bastante recomendable.

Síguelos: The Bohicas

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The Bohicas – Where You At

Then every now and then
She sends me ‘round the bend
But I’ll bend over backwards
Like you did for me, back
When the world would not go there
But you know way then when we
Went, when we left, all our clothes
Lying on the stairs
Where you at?
Where you at?
I really need you nearer
All of that Idol fever
Ryan gel on yeah, like
Still by my mirror
Have any other smokes?
I made these country strokes
I may have lost the battle
But I haven’t lost the
Come cruinig ‘round the bend
Rocking boosters, and
Where you at, where you at
Tell me baby
Where you at, where you at
Where you at, where you at
This longest goodbye
Doesn’t mean the end
I steal the apple forest
That dumpling Rumplesaurus
Saw your slick’s, hide your licks
I am an onion heel
Slipping on that onion peel
Skidding and a sliding, and
Cutting when the wild cuts
Heel, it feels like I
Don’t even know you when you
Scream, and cry loud just like Krakatoa
When you erupt, I self-destruct
You’ll be wishing for that ammunition
Blow my body up
Where you at?

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