#35 DMA’s – Dawning

“I’m lonelier than I’ve ever been”

Un año tranquilo para DMA’s, que pasaron gran parte del mismo grabando su segundo disco. La banda Australiana quiso mantenerse en la mente de su público dando varios conciertos pero, más importante, lanzando música nueva, y es por eso que Dawning llegó a nosotros y se cuela muy alto en la lista de canciones del 2017.

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DMA’s – Dawning

What would you do if it came to me?
What if it came to you?
Know I was heavy as this burns meWhy would we have to choose?

Because in the dawning
You will wait for
For her warning
She was warning

I don’t know of anyone
That’s taken this from me
I’m lonelier than I’ve ever been
I’m lonely without you

Because it was time for
You to leave me
Are you leaving?
Are you breathing?

Or going out more?
In the dawning
She was warning
Call this on me
Is it my trial?
A dear wear on me
It is my trial
Call this on me
And I need more
Are you more?
Are you more?

Cause in the dawning
I will wait for
For her warning
Is she warning?
Or going out more