#18 Blossoms – Your Girlfriend

Recientemente Blossoms llegaron al número 1 de las listas británicas con su tercer disco, Foolish Loving Spaces. Your Girlfriend fue la primera canción que conocimos del disco, aunque cuando salió hace unos meses todavía no anunciaban si sería parte del disco o no.

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Blossoms – Your Girlfirend

I’m a boy
And she’s a girl
With more charm than most movie stars
So we met
Through a friend
We rent a place and she comes round to stayAnd now your girlfriend is ringing in my ears again
It’s no sure shot
But she likes all my favourite things
I know I shouldn’t
But I’d like to spend more time with her
I wish she’d come over todayWhat am I supposed to do?
I can tell, they get along so well
Is it possible, she likes me too?
I’m not sure if I should read between those linesAnd now your girlfriend is ringing in my ears again
I should be moving out
But can’t cos we’ve just signed a lease
My hands are shaking
The bedroom walls are paper thin
I heard her come over todayThought maybe we’d go out for a movie
And we can forget friends who’ll be fuming
Then I could walk you home in the evening
And that’s just being friendly

And now your girlfriend is ringing in my ears again
And when she smiles I can’t hide my jealousy
Oh I can’t take it, boy I hope she’s faking it
I heard he bought a ring today
I heard they got engaged today

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